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Best 4 SEO Onpage Optimization Steps to Have Engaging Business Presence

Best 4 SEO Onpage Optimization Steps to Have Engaging Business Presence

Best 4 SEO Onpage Optimization Steps You Need to Follow

Search Engine Optimization can do wonders for a website. It’s no secret that today, SEO onpage optimization steps are the secret sauce that businesses use to up their business presence online and stimulate website traffic. Your website is a no-show on Google Search results can be due to either of the two weak spots: A) Your SEO is pretty darn weak 0r B) Your content is atrocious. To improve your website’s outreach and visibility, there are four SEO Onpage optimization steps that you have to follow in without compromise.



It’s often observed that when people build their websites, they focus more on the SEO strategies than creating strong, attractive, and unique content that their readers would love.

Lousy quality content means fewer people will read it. Low viewership on your website will inform Google know that your website is not an excellent place for people to visit. And so, Google won’t rank you higher. Hence, try to focus more on the quality and the uniqueness of your content.



It is imperative to use proper, relative, and contextual keywords that you know people are inputting in their online searches.

But site owners make assumptions that the more keywords in a site, the better they will rank on Google. That is not true.  Keyword stuffing is terrible for your website. It looks terrible in front of the readers, and Google is smart enough to understand you’re just bluffing.


As a remedy, try to use 3-5 keywords in every 500 words, that you want to use for ranking. That way, Google thinks you’re relatable and not just stuffing keywords.

Another quick tip – As SEO is very competitive, try to use trending keywords, but be inventive as well. Try to use more niche-specific and relevant keywords that target visitors in a more personal context.


Keep your website up to date:

It’s crucial that you keep updating your website and try and add new content regularly for readers to stay interested in your site and have a variety of content to peruse.

This way, your visitors keep coming back, and Google thinks that your site is essential and worthy of being ranked higher.



On your website, adding external links to a different site is a great way to let Google know that your site is fantastic. But it is imperative to scrutinize the links you add.

The content on the other side of the link should be relevant to your website and worthy for your visitors to click.

Adding irrelevant or broken external links on websites is an epic fail tactic that many companies succumb to. Try avoiding adding those broken links which might disappoint your readers.


Sometimes, we don’t have a full-blown SEO strategy in place, which is okay.

Having simple SEO on page optimization steps such as the above will most likely help you rank better on Google Search.

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