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A millennial’s guide to founding a Digital Media agency

A millennial’s guide to founding a Digital Media agency

Ultimate Guide to Startups Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

Let’s be honest; I’m young to be a co-founder. And if you’re going to ask me how I did it, I don’t know. There are several things I’ve learned in this short period though. From brainstorming to getting our first-ever office space, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. Since everything is so new to me, I’m taking all the experiences (both good and bad) as a life lesson. I feel taking things as a lesson has always helped me improve and move forward quickly. That’s why I wrote ‘A millennial’s guide to startups ‘ so you can learn something too.


I’ve always been someone who believes in taking up a single task and completing it to perfection before moving to the next one.

But when we were in the beginning stages of setting everything up, I had multiple roles out of which I had no experience in most of them.

Suddenly I was picking up calls, scheduling interviews, handling the accounts, and it got extremely overwhelming. Not only is it a lot of work, but it’s scary how much responsibility is being handed over to you immediately. One wrong move and things could go berserk!


Over time I’ve learned how to multitask more productively. Slowly I’ve learned how to schedule my day and to break it down in several parts where I can get most of my things done and achieve maximum productiveness. While still removing some time for Netflix and reading breaks.


hitting the markFailure/Criticism

Failing has been my biggest fear. When you’re the youngest in the team, you always feel the pressure to work extra hard to prove yourself to the other partners of how deserving you are of the position. This sometimes caused me so much stress that I stumbled hard and made mistakes that I couldn’t notice, but others did.

Criticism is something that millennials my age takes very negatively. It takes a lot of understanding to comprehend how much constructive criticism helps to build a stronger version of whatever you’re working on. The idea is to take in all the comments both positive and negative and to constantly evolve yourself while still having an opinion of your own.


listening to your instinctsInstincts and Adaptability

Taking calculated decisions is always important. But sometimes your choices are heavily based on instincts. Understanding the odds and implementing things when you feel is the right time is something I’m warming up to. The right move at the right time should always be the plan. Sometimes it may seem out of reach, but you might have to take a chance on it.

Adaptability is necessary too. The constant ups and downs, shifting between roles, and meeting new people you must be able to gel right in. I know I’d be meeting new people in situations that I would have never been in before. Maybe I might have to give orders or fire my employees who are older to me. It’s all about how well you take in everything and act upon it.


defining success

Definition of Success

When I first started working, I used to do a very tiring job with crazy hours, and I’d get paid well for hard work I’d put in every week. So, at the back of my mind, I knew that the harder I work, the more I get paid, and the more I grow. But I was far from growing. I was stuck with the same job, at the same place which didn’t use up my skills at all.

My definition of success went from money to growth quickly once Media Mavericks started taking shape. Somehow I knew the company is my child, and I wanted to nurture it well before I could expect substantial profit.

I knew I wanted to grow with this company and reach heights I couldn’t reach at my old job.


managing timeManaging time and consistency

I was never one to struggle with not being able to get the rest I needed every night or didn’t have time to spend with family. However, things have changed, and I have become this person now. With barely any time for personal activities anymore, work is all that I do. But contradictory to what I felt before, I love this feeling. I enjoy being busy, and the fact that I know the majority of my time goes into productive things.

Maybe it’s going to take a little more time until I can make myself a timetable and follow it.

Consistency is something else I struggle with. I can’t always be chirpy or take part in every conversation. I can’t be at the same brain frequency as yesterday. Mostly because there are so many factors around me that change the way I think almost every minute. When it comes to how important consistency is, I’ve noticed it always shows in my work. You can quickly see the amount of thought that goes into each blog, post, caption, etc.


Detaching from these factors is extremely important in a business where your brain always needs to be sharp and creative, I do it by leaving my problems and my friend’s boyfriend’s aunt’s child’s problems at the doormat.


To conclude, I know I have a long way to go and so much more to learn, so much more to explore and enough time to grow and become the person I’ve always wanted to. Hopefully, I’ll continue writing more “A millennial’s guide to startups” with more tips and tricks!

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