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Digital Marketing Collaterals You Should Be Creating

Digital Marketing Collaterals You Should Be Creating

In the digital era, selling your products online means you reach a larger clientele base and every day countless people come across the content you have curated to promote your business. Social media marketing, online shopping websites, Instagram are a few mainstream platforms to share your products and get people intrigued and interested in purchasing from your brand.

However, simply putting it out there is only step one! Today’s digital marketing era is a competitive and highly innovative field that is constantly evolving and the torrent of information flooding in every day can overwhelm you. But fret not, here is a tip, to be on the top of your game; digital marketing collaterals.

On the surface, it seems no different from the usual marketing materials that you put together to sell your brand but there is a simple explanation as to how this works differently from the usual marketing gimmicks. Collaterals are used to educate rather than advertise. This tactic is used to engage the audience to become familiar with your brand, to know more about the purpose of your venture, what drives the brand, how they can benefit from purchasing your business and also your chance to be transparent about your brand to your followers.

Different types of collaterals you should adopt into your business:

Blog posts

Your webpage could have a bi-monthly or a weekly post going out as a newsletter to keep people in the loop with any new updates you have or even just interesting information you might think people should be made aware of concerning your brand or field. Remember your niche and exploit it, this will create traffic for your website and if they find it interesting enough, people might just keep coming back for more.


If you are a business that can teach others about how you started and what worked for you, sharing it with the general census will only make you popular amongst other aspiring individuals in the field. This educational drive allows you to start a conversation with your audience and from there you can widen your scope and learn what more your followers want to know.

White papers

Similar to an E-book but focuses on a specific topic or issue, more technical rather than generalized content. It draws in an audience that works in the same field, catering towards the specialists and access is granted for a smaller audience than that of an E-book.

Case studies

Another way to interact with your audience is to do a little survey on your previous product or a soft launch for a new product and have the results of the product published. It can be technical, or it could be shown in simple layman terms, this only goes on to building a friendly relationship with your clients and makes them trust the brand more.


Buyers love to read what others who have used the product before them have to say about it! Testimonials are a great way to spread the news about your latest product or to advertise your fastest-selling product. When people are please and satisfied with the product they tend to share the product with others, they write to the brand and share their sentiments with them. Brands can then share their testimonials on their social media, on their websites, along with the product description on the online shopping site and this will garner more sales, a higher influx of people contacting you for similar services, etc. Testimonials say a lot about a company’s reputation and the quality and standards of its products and services.


A leaflet that gives your audience more insight into your services or products. It is explained using concisely in laymen terms and with images or bulleted points.


A great way to pitch your brand or your product or services for the first time. Depending on your audience you can make it as interesting or as informative as possible and you can then present it at a brand launch or an investor meeting or just have it run on your website. It is to convince your audience to invest in your product. Infographics, bar/pie charts, images, a catchy font can all be applied as well, depending on your topic and audience.

Explainer Videos

An interactive way to engage your audience into learning about your brand or product. You create appealing visuals with individuals in the frame or just a voice-over with simple animations to explain to your audience the topic at hand. Finding what kind of content your audience is interested in watching is the first step. Then create videos that could create brand awareness for you through the many platforms that it gets posted on, ensuring better reach.

Now that you have curated content in various different sources, you need to make sure the content is reaching your desired audience. Check with the statistics to see what content your audience engages in the most and work on creating other topics in that media. You need to have an attainable goal to work towards and create your unique space to You need to have an attainable goal to work towards and create your unique space to attract more audience that will help to increase your brand presence.

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