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Latest Google Algorithm Updates for Google Page Experience in 2021

Latest Google Algorithm Updates for Google Page Experience in 2021

Google has done it again. Expect some major changes in page rankings on Google Search when the search engine giant enforces its latest google algorithm updates in 2021. In line with Google’s reputation to keep fine-tuning its algorithms regularly, the recent announcement about an algorithm-shakeup next year is hardly any surprise.

On one hand, the new algorithm will ensure Google’s Internet combing ability is upgraded, it will also alter the page experience, and introduce a makeover in the search pattern and churn. In this blog, we aim to simplify Google’s latest algorithm, how it is different, what difference will it make, and what it means for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At the heart of Google’s new algorithm update is the intention to improve the quality of page experience for users. For the unversed, page experience refers to a set of metrics that Google has designed and implemented, which allow it to accurately understand users’ perceptions of a specific web page. The metrics consist of parameters such as page loading speed, safe browsing, mobile-friendliness, HTTPS operability, presence of invasive ads, and content jump frequency during page loading activity. Based on how a webpage performs across the aforesaid core vitals, Google determines the page experience.

With the latest algorithm, Google will use the page experience signal to assess and understand how web pages are faring as far as interactivity and page experience is concerned. The optimization of these factors will enable Google to ensure that websites, across all platforms and web browsers, are giving users what they want. The page experience is simple and caters to users’ expectations – especially on smartphone devices. Considering the fact mobile phones are the fast-growing medium for Internet access and interactions, Google wants to capitalize on that and enhance user engagement on web pages. In consequence, online businesses will become more productive, and thrive.

The soon-to-be-implemented algorithm is one of the most important innovations by Google because it will no longer only rank websites based on content. Rather, now the focus will shift on the overall page experience. If your website is not delivering likable experiences to target users, Google will not give it a higher ranking than it may have had previously.

Having said that, insiders have said that websites that have more number of “good and user-friendly” pages and some poor-quality ones, then also Google’s latest algorithm will give your website a high ranking because well, majority matters.  In other words, ‘user-friendliness’ is what will matter in the near future. Of course, this seismic shift in Google’s ranking policy will have an undeniable impact on SEO trends too.

Speaking of SEO, the adage that “content is king” will become more pronounced going forward. More so because Google has made it clear that great content will remain a top priority when the new algorithm comes into effect. Without high-quality content on websites, page experience will become a useless pursuit. To have the best of both worlds, it is recommended that you work to improve your content quality – make it more relevant, informative, and engaging – and enhance your page experience to complement it. This way you will succeed in convincing the new-and-improved Google to give you better rankings.

You have time until 2021 to elevate your content strategy and website experience. For improved page experience, you should focus on boosting your website UX.  We’d recommend you commit your time and efforts in making sure that the quality of your content and its overall appearance is up to the mark, and meets Google’s expectations. And if you need assistance in either content development or website design or both, contact Media Mavericks today!