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Best 6 Graphic Design Trends In 2023

Best 6 Graphic Design Trends In 2023

Another year, Another aesthetic. Graphic design is an ever-evolving expression, and every new year brings with it more exciting trends than the last. This year is all about nostalgia, bringing back the memories of our childhood and incorporating it into graphic design as well as putting a spin on the usual, one might even say ‘reimagining’ the past. Here are the graphic design trends we’re most excited about in 2023!


It is said that history repeats itself, and we cannot be more thankful for this repetition. Y2K designs, inspired by the late 90’s and early 2000’s, bring back big and bold fonts, lots of glitter and shine as well as the signature color: Bubblegum pink.

While gen-z brings this trend back into fashion, the media cycle passes it around until it has reached all forms of artistic expression, 2023 will see a rise in this bold and metallic trend, which is quite a fun and refreshing change from all the usual minimalism.



2.Experimental fonts

Whether it’s big, bold and right in your face, or bent, swirly and borderline unreadable, experimental fonts are getting their big break! Blurring the line between what is legible and what isn’t, these fonts really give designers a chance to experiment with a more funky look.

Distorted typography which includes everything from mesmerizing liquid letters to sweet and simple hand drawn writing is expected to take over the graphic design world and add a splash of playful distinction.




3.Riso Print

The Risograph was launched by the Riso Kagaku Corporation of Japan. They became infamous for the possibility of exploring spot colors and for being quite economical as well as environment friendly, it also led to the inspiration behind various kinds of graphic design trends.

We’re expecting a rise in reimagined and digitized Risoproints, after all 2023 is all about thinking out of the box and bringing the most fun concepts back into designing. Characterized by its rough and grainy texture as well as the vibrance it brings into simple designs, Riso Prints are definitely making a comeback.



We’re super excited for this one, after all who doesn’t love a bold design every once in a while? Bringing in a strong, slightly rough and unfinished look into graphic design leaves a powerful image in the viewer’s mind, the biggest example of this would be Shepard Fairey’s Obama campaign poster in 2008. Brutalist designs focus on straight lines, white and black contrasts and big texts, these very minimal elements send a big message to the viewer and are definitely a big graphic design trend this year.





Ready for a blast from the past? Easily one of the most nostalgic styles, the Retro graphic design trend is soaring in 2023. Deriving inspiration from historic pop culture, movies, fashion and music, retro design capitalizes on “old is gold’ – the perfect saying to describe such a movement. Nostalgia has become a major focus in the design world, which is why retro is expected to be a huge hit.

Retro designs usually come in bold colors like reds and yellows, they often focus on a certain decade and the artwork revolves around prominent references from that time, specific fonts like Joker and Cheque add to that feel.




Softly blended luminous colors are all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t they be? Gradients are the perfect addition to any brand’s logo, website or app. They’re extremely versatile and help determine the vibe, whether that be fun and fresh or soft and sophisticated, it can be elevated to be the main focus or softened as just a background attraction, in all cases Gradients are the most eye-catching design trend of 2023

When it comes to graphic designing, pretty much anything goes and we can’t wait to see what the design world comes up with next! Media Mavericks has been incorporating the latest trends in all our designs and we hope to continue them!


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