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How to Create a Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2022 [7 Strategies]

How to Create a Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2022 [7 Strategies]

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and has a massive audience. If you want to promote your brand and engage with your audience, then Instagram is a great way to do so. In this post, we will cover how to create an effective Instagram marketing strategy that will help your brand to grow popular.

Today, We want to share 7 advanced Instagram strategies that helped us get there.

#01. Define the Audience.

define audience

First, it’s important to define the audience. This is the first step of creating a winning Instagram marketing strategy. You want to define who you’re trying to reach and what they want from your brand.

In other words, you should do some research and figure out what kind of people are interested in buying your product or service — then target those people on Instagram with content that speaks directly to them.

You can do this by creating user personas (or personas) based on your target audience’s characteristics and behaviors related to how they interact with brands online. User personas represent different types of customers who might be interested in what you have to offer; they help guide the direction of your social media trends and strategies so that it aligns with their interests and needs as potential customers for your products or services.


#02. Discover the Best Time to Post.

Discover the Best Time to Post

The best time to post on Instagram is not the same every day of the week, so you can use a tool to find which are the best time slots to post your content each day. The most popular options are:

  • Later (iOS) and Latergramme (Android) are apps that let users schedule posts in advance. They can also be used as standalone photo editing apps, but their scheduling features are one of their biggest draws.
  • Iconosquare is a free analytics tool for Instagram that shows how many people viewed each post, the number of likes and comments it received, and even some basic demographic information about your audience. It’s also good for finding new hashtags to use in your posts based on your interests or followers’ interests.
  • Hootsuite is another analytics tool for Instagram that lets users track engagement rates over time as well as view detailed reports from specific dates or times. It also has some useful scheduling features built in if you want to use them.

#03. Create a Hashtag Strategy.

Create a Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are a great way to help your content get discovered, increase engagement and reach, and boost brand awareness. They can also help you target a specific audience.

For example, if you’re targeting fitness enthusiasts in Australia then using #fitnessaustralia will help people who are interested in fitness find your account. When they click on the hashtag they’ll be able to see all posts with that hashtag which means more organic impressions for your brand!

Add hashtags to all posts so people can easily follow along with whatever it is that interests them most about what you do or sell.

#04. Post on Instagram Stories.

Post on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to engage with your audience and get your brand out there. They can also be used to promote sales, launch new products, or share behind the scenes content.

#05. Take Advantage of Video Marketing.

Take Advantage of Video Marketing

In the modern era, video is king. According to YouTube, an average of 60% of online consumers watch online videos weekly and 9 out of 10 people will stop watching a video after 10 seconds if they don’t find it interesting.

That’s why it’s important to take advantage of this trend by using videos in your marketing strategy. They’re more engaging than photos and have a higher organic reach (i.e., people are more likely to click on them). You can use them for customer support or demonstrations of your products or services (think: showing how your new smartphone folds into a tiny square).

#06. Run an Instagram Ad Campaign.

Run an Instagram Ad Campaign

To run an Instagram ad, you’ll need to create a Facebook business page and link it to your Instagram account. After that, you can select the objective for your campaign:

These three objectives are available for all types of Instagram ads (carousel and swipe up). You can also choose from a couple different formats:

You can use video or photo ads, depending on what type of content you’re promoting. Video ads are great if you have a lot to say or show off; photos work well if there’s just one thing that stands out about your product (like its color).

#07. Use Influencers for Your Brand.

Use Influencers for Your Brand

As you build your brand and business, you’ll want to consider using social influencers for your marketing strategy this strategy is called Influence Marketing. Influencers are people who have a large following on social media. They’re typically known for their expertise in a certain field or industry, and they can help you reach your target audience.

To find an influencer, look for someone in your space who has an established reputation as being knowledgeable or authoritative in the subject matter relevant to your brand (as well as having a large following). Once you’ve found this person, it’s important to approach them with respect and genuine interest in working together – don’t use aggressive sales tactics! The best way we’ve seen this done is through email outreach: start by sharing something interesting about yourself or your company, then ask if they’d like to get coffee sometime so that the two of you can learn more about each other!

Creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy is all about knowing your audience and engaging with them on their level using the right content.

You need to think about who you are targeting and what their interests are, as well as what kind of language they use. This will help you create effective posts that resonate with your target audience, which in turn will increase engagement and lead to better results for your business.

Your brand’s presence on social media should be tailored to its specific audience. If possible, this would include things like age range or gender preferences (e.g., young moms). To get started with this process, take a look at competitor profiles so you can see how they’re doing things differently than other brands within the same niche market space—and then try out different strategies until something clicks!


As a Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, We’re sure you can see how this is a much more effective approach to Instagram marketing than simply uploading photos without any forethought. We’ve covered everything from defining your audience and discovering the best time to post, to using hashtags and video content. We hope these tips have given you some ideas for making your own Instagram marketing strategy even stronger than it was before!

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