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How to Invent Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Clients?

How to Invent Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Clients?

Digital Marketing Ideas for Market Promotion

Marketing is one of the most creative jobs out there. Like art, marketing allows digital marketers to bend brains – and rules even – and come up with the best inventive and innovative digital marketing ideas. In the digital marketing age, though, creativity in marketing has assumed a whole new meaning and importance. As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the UAE, we are inundated by clients who want us to help them design a different marketing strategy. Consequently, we don’t merely put on our creative thinking caps. We strive to brainstorm creative digital marketing ideas that work two ways – they are crowd-pullers as well as empower our clients to stand out from the competitive crowd.

This blog is not aimed at spilling our secret sauce of digital marketing (obviously!). Instead, we intend to share with you some of the insights that we have gathered in the context of boosting creativity efforts in marketing matters.


Keep Up with the latest Marketing Matters

Marketing is a space that is abuzz with trends and developments, always. Companies around the world are inventing new marketing tricks and tactics through campaigns. You, as a responsible marketing professional, ought to be well-informed about the latest that’s up and trending in the industry. Read up about the latest and upcoming creative digital marketing campaigns of top brands. Use their digital marketing ideas as a foundation to create and build your original marketing plans. If you want to ensure that you can provide clients with creative marketing solutions, you have to keep up with the marketing curve.


Competitors’ Check

Your competitors may or may not be running digital marketing campaigns that are a match to the scale and popularity of the major brands. But you should keep a watch on what your competitors are doing because that’s more like a direct line of access that will give an insightful view of which marketing trends are working and which ones to avoid. By keeping tabs on industry competitors, you will be in a good place in your efforts as you will be able to maneuver and design creative digital marketing ideas that are at par with audiences’ needs and expectations.


Pay Attention Around You

9 out of 10 times, marketers are recommended that they use their observational skills. The reason being there are abundant marketing ideas that are born out of our everyday chatter and surroundings. To design and deliver creative marketing solutions, use real-life observations to fuel your inspiration. For example, did a brief exchange that you saw in an ad get stuck in your head? Did you walk past an advertising hoarding on the street and notice people talking about it? Take these observations into perspective and invent your spin on them and use them in a marketing campaign in the future.


Study the Target Demographics Inside Out

The most appropriate way to come up with creative digital marketing ideas is to go directly to the target audience. Putting together exhaustive target audience researches on paper is en passé. Instead, as a marketer, you need to be more proactive. Take the initiative and build personal connections with the target audiences. Send emails and direct messages (on social media) to them for feedback, remarks about products/services. Use those inputs to design your existing or next creative marketing campaign.


Let the Crowd in

While it is expected of marketers to pitch creative digital marketing ideas, it is also true that they cannot do it alone. At times, you have to look away from yourself to have the Eureka moment. When it comes to the design and delivery of creative marketing solutions, it is completely okay to lean on a friend, colleague, or mentor to give you nuggets of information and inspiration that you can use in your marketing assignments. Reach out to people in your inner circle. Sometimes, the next big idea for your next marketing campaign can come from an individual you are having a chance conversation with.


The insights above will assist you in sharpening your creative spark to deliver creative digital marketing ideas. If you want a strategic marketing partner that knows the finer details of marketing solutions, Media Mavericks, Dubai, is just a call/email away.