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How to Make Your Brand Catch the ‘Viral Fever’ on Social Media

How to Make Your Brand Catch the ‘Viral Fever’ on Social Media

Top 4 Ways to Creating Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Did you know that Facebook paid USD 16 billion to buy all stakes in WhatsApp? When the news became public, trade pundits were quick to opine that Facebook had paid a hefty sum to acquire the instant messaging app. The guys at Facebook – especially Mark Zuckerberg – beg to differ. The fact that WhatsApp had a 450-million-strong user-base at the time, and did not invest a dime in marketing. It was a readymade viral product and a worthy buy for that very reason. But the content that goes up on social media must be a success story that is hard to emulate for a majority of brands.

The question is, what do brands need to do to become the next big viral brand in the digital space? We have a brief list of ways of creating brand awareness through social media that can do wonders for brands – big and small.


It All Starts with a Great Idea:

The secret sauce of creating brand awareness through social media is to make sure that your brand is built on a powerful idea. Use the example of the Dove beauty brand as a reference. The brand’s campaign is rooted in the concept of natural beauty, and to complement it, the brand’s advertising has natural women – of all shapes, sizes, and colors – rather than stick-thin supermodels. As a result, Dove has established itself as a highly relatable beauty brand around the world. Use Dove’s “great idea first” template, and indeed, your brand will get its legs to go viral in no time!


The Great Hook:

For a brand to succeed in its ‘go-viral’ intentions, the content that goes up on social media must be concise, informative, engaging, and memorable. The headline or title of social media posts determines the audiences’ decision to engage with the brand or not. Therefore, if you want to make sure that the brand hits the sweet spot when it comes to viral marketing on social media, a great hook is a must. To create a great hook, the title or headline of your posts must have words or information that demands action. Your posts must carry an ‘X’ factor that makes your brand hard to look away from when it appears on users’ newsfeeds.


Shareable Content:

The aim of every content strategy online is the same: it must be sharable. The one thing that sets a brand apart from others is excellent content. As a brand that wants to make the most of the viral marketing advantage on social media, it is your responsibility to come up with content – all formats – that is innovative, informative, interesting, and powerful. It should be compelling enough to make your target customers want to click the ‘Share’ button instantly whenever your brand’s posts show up on their news feed. The more ‘shares’ your brand accumulates, the farther it travels, and trends in the social media universe.


Audience Connections:

creating brand awareness through social media is all about knowing your target audience. Brands can experience increased longevity and recall on social media, especially when they put up content that resonates with their target audience. In other words, if you want your brand to be the most engaged entity on social media, you have to understand your audiences’ psyche online and give them content that they want. For example, if you find that your target audience is more responsive to funny puns and memes than textual content, you should waste no time and churn out brand-relevant memes regularly.


Brands want results, and with viral marketing, there is a high possibility for brands to get the desired results faster and better. creating brand awareness through social media is all about creating a unique social media strategy that gets your brand noticed in all directions. At Media Mavericks, Dubai, we know the tricks of the viral marketing trade better than anyone. Let’s partner up and make your brand viral, shall we?