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Digitalization in Marketing: The Business Mantra in 2020 – Digital Marketing

Digitalization in Marketing: The Business Mantra in 2020 – Digital Marketing

Focus on the Marketing Mix

Role and Impact of Digitalization in Marketing

The digital revolution has spun marketing and advertising practices today. The advent and advances of the Internet have altered media formats and consumption patterns. While digital technology has enhanced speed levels, it has also propelled online connectivity and outreach. As a consequence thus, digital marketing became the new buzzword and it has effectively transformed companies’ marketing logic and practices. In other words, digitalization has paved the way for digital marketing to become the new norm, and there is no escaping it. In this blog, we explore the role of digitalization in marketing today, and why is it the new normal that companies should embrace quickly now.

The Way Forward

The role of digitalization in marketing has created a new offshoot: digital marketing. As a concept, it is very precise and transparent. Digital marketing works across industries because it generates results for all kinds of marketing efforts, and they are easy to understand. Talking about digitalization in marketing today, it is pertinent to underline its usefulness and effectiveness which is reflected in the fact that digital marketing can be applied to monitor and understand individual marketing efforts as well as marketing operations by teams.

From the industries’ perspective, digitalization has made it compulsory for companies of all shapes and sizes to migrate online. As online consumerism picks up pace, brands and businesses cannot afford to rely on brick-and-mortar as the revenue centerpiece.

Focus on the Marketing Mix

With customer behaviors constantly changing, digitalization in marketing is the need of the hour. Customers are no longer searching for hard-copy catalogs or business profiles to determine the worthiness of a business or brand. The online universe, with all its largesse, has become a melting pot of competition. In other words, every business wants to capture the online marketplace, and now is the best time for it.

One of the biggest USPs of business digitalization is that it opens up a wealth of options as far as the marketing mix is concerned. Digital marketing channels maximize customer interactivity with businesses. What’s more, the more receptive and relevant businesses are, the faster the profit churn will be.

Data is King

Data is KingThe necessity for companies to wake up to the potential of digital marketing has become more important and urgent than ever before. The reason being, digitalization is an omnichannel tool – be it social media, emails, videos, audio, text, or graphics, there is no shortage of mediums that companies can use to accelerate their marketing efforts, and put them in fifth gear.

Digitalization in marketing is a big deal because, in addition to the speed of digital technologies, their levels of high engagement and data generation are a big factor that allows companies to measure the effectiveness and success rate of digital marketing campaigns. This is a facility that is absent in the traditional marketing narrative.

Lead By Example

The mix of social media, online marketing, and apps has led to a more precise form of target marketing to take flight today. Consider giants like Amazon and Uber. They integrated digitalization into the organization’s operations and pioneered the digital marketing landscape. Be it marketing or advertising, both Amazon and Uber –m and many other big and emerging brands – continue to exploit different online channels to leverage their market value and visibility. The reason why digitalization in marketing is touted as a natural progression is that the online domain is endless and unhinged as far as innovation, creativity, and execution are concerned.

If your business or brand is contemplating a marketing makeover, we would strongly recommend you to go digital. With a 95% brand engagement rate, and up to 70% successful customer conversion rate, your company can benefit a great deal by implementing digital marketing strategies. If you want to achieve results in a top-notch manner, feel free to get in touch with us. With our platter of digital marketing services, we will give you all the guidance and assistance to build and implement marketing strategies that suit your company’s marketing vision and palate.

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