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Is Bad Grammar And The Internet Killing Your Brand?

Is Bad Grammar And The Internet Killing Your Brand?


For those who have spent time on the internet, which is all of us, they know how the internet has genuinely lowered the spelling and grammar standards across the board. Spelling errors, typos, and even grammatical errors are looked over. Mainly when memes and acronyms are occupying the internet world while auto-correct is our constant companion in every write-up, with the continuous use of abbreviations such as ‘u’ for ‘you,’ ‘pls’ for ‘please’ and ‘tmrw’ for ‘tomorrow,’ one can agree that texting, social media, and the internet, in general, has changed the way we use language. This has led to one main question,Is bad grammar nd The Internet Killing Your Brand?


Digital Branding and Internet Speak

While the younger generation may seem to have adopted the new language, for marketers and advertisers, the effect of wrong grammar is far-reaching. It is beyond personal communication since how the brand communicates with the audience reflects on the company standards. Thus, while Social Media can be a great medium to make the brand relatable to the masses, it also has to uphold the company standards. While doing so, there is a thin line that needs to be balanced.

Typos are usually forgiven on personal social media, blogs, and emails. However, brands are held at a higher standard and are thus judged for every grammatical and spelling error. This, in turn, affects the perception of the brand.


internet speakingThe growth of the internet inherently means that there is more content that is being churned out that brands are utilizing in their marketing strategy. Accordingly, the high volume of content also means that there is a high probability of grammatical and spelling errors. Additionally, there is also a lot of pressure on the brand to convey the right message across the social media platforms, while establishing a brand presence. This often means participating memes, using popular hashtags, and joining in on the internet-speak bandwagon. Agreed that this may create a connection with the target audience, but will it not be in stark contrast with the company standards? This makes it especially difficult for brands to conform to the current internet-speak.



Making Content Relatable

In the present social media age, being relatable is extremely important for any brand to mark its presence online. Those brands which can make error-free relatable content are also able to capture the market quickly. Marketers, however, need to make sure that their copy is error-free. Grammatical errors by brands are seldom forgotten unless they are intentional. In the race to make something look fun and enjoyable, often marketers tend to make grammatical errors, which then cause embarrassment for the brand.



In conclusion, is bad grammar and the internet killing your brand? No, if you vary of the content, you’re pushing out.

All those brands which have managed to stay relevant with the changing trend have also ensured that their content is devoid of any grammatical errors and mistakes. This helps the brand to establish a positive relationship with their target audience. If you are looking to build your brand, make sure you proofread your content before publishing.