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Keeping it Short on Twitter, a Way of Twitter Social Media Marketing

Keeping it Short on Twitter, a Way of Twitter Social Media Marketing

I like marketing campaigns that talk less and say more. That’s why I love Twitter. Twitter Social media marketing has grown into a phenomenon that is difficult to overlook or and resist. While I may be a regular user of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for personal and professional purposes, it took me a while to get my head around Twitter. Once I succeeded in navigating it, I find that Twitter is a fantastic tool for all kinds of expression, as long as you keep it short – 280 characters, this is the one of the main twitter social media marketing strategy. Twitter’s USP is that it challenges users to express themselves in limited characters. It’s a scenario that businesses and brands have warmed up to, and that’s why Twitter social media marketing is such a hit. With this blog, I aim to share nuggets of information that will educate you about what makes Twitter so effective in the modern-day marketing scene. And I promise to keep it short.

  • First and foremost, Twitter is all about tweets and tweeting. Using just 280 characters, users can create, publish, and share posts that are known as tweets. Like other social media platforms, Twitter allows users to follow individuals, businesses, and brands from world-over.
  • Because of Twitter’s wide reach, tweets travel all over the place on the Internet. In other words, Twitter marketing on social media promises visibility and reaction.
  • Twitter marketing on social media is immensely popular because it promotes the ‘long-story-short’ format. You can post links to your websites, videos, stories, blogs, etc. The captions should be concise, engaging, and memorable.


  • Speaking from personal experience, I initially found Twitter marketing to be a hard habit. Mainly because platforms like Instagram and Facebook have spoilt me and gotten me used to long reading formats. But now, after a year of using Twitter, the joy of posting short posts has made me change my mind. 
  • Twitter marketing on social media is more fun because Twitter allows businesses and brands to push the boundaries. Like for example, when you set up a Twitter profile, you might face handle name issues – the name may be taken by another person/business already. Let’s say “@MediaMavericksUAE” is your company name but the handle name is already in use. You can choose a creative alternative like “@ChooseMediaMavericksAE” instead and stand out from your competition.
  • Twitter marketing on social media is effective because it is an open-for-all forum. Even non-users can view tweets by individuals, brands, and businesses. Because Twitter content is viewable by all, you can be at rest assured that your content is making a wider impact than you can imagine.


  • One of the things that I have learned about Twitter is not about brand education. Instead, Twitter marketing on social media works when the content is educative, engaging, entertaining and fun. People use social media because they want some fun-time, and when you are on Twitter, you should aim to publish content that lives up to those four attributes, always!     

Being on Twitter and using it right can generate many positive results for individuals and businesses. My experiences on Twitter have been a learning curve…it never stops. Of course, if you are looking for a quicker way to achieve success with Twitter marketing on social media, you need a guide and a partner who knows Twitter like it is their backyard. Check out @mediamaverickae to know more!