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Our Journey: How we came together to form Media Mavericks

Our Journey: How we came together to form Media Mavericks

What happens when a group of professionals who have slowly transcended professional lines and have become friends plans to open a company? Well, it results in Media Mavericks! In a nutshell, that is our story! But, how can the story about our company be that short? So here goes, buckle up as I introduce you to each co-founder of the company. Here goes, Our journey – Media Mavericks: How we came together. 

SBT10 Season 1

It all started when 4 of the co-founders met for the first time for an event called SBT10. It was an international cricket tournament conducted by the Dawoodi Bohra Community. The media team for the event was headed by Yusuf Barbhaya and co-managed by Yousuf Fidali. Sakina, with a bunch of other people and I, were inducted into the media team for the tournament. Sakina as one of the photographers and myself as the Social Media Manager.

SBT10 lasted for six days, and in those 6 days, we all got closer to one another. Exactly what happens when you work in teams! It was during this time when the seed for Media Mavericks was germinated.

SBT10 Season 2

Come January 2019 and Dubai is host to the SBT10 international tournament, again! Oh! The excitement was high, the planning was strong and the meetings were piling. I was inducted into the core media team and we sought to recreate the magic of 2018. Though this time we promised to make it bigger and much better.

Core team comprised of myself, Yusuf B and Yousuf F. At a later stage Sakina became a core member too and that’s when the plans for Media Mavericks started becoming a reality. We worked hard during the tournament and made sure that the event was a success.

And believe us it was!

The success of the event made us more confident in our skills and our resolve to start a company became stronger! And you know the funny part? We named our future company Core Corporation just because we were the core group. Yusuf B being the quipster that he also comes up with other name suggestions. One of the weirdest one being ‘Lets Social You’. Now that’s a whole other story apt for another blog!

The 5th one

After the tournament, it was time to get real with our plan! More groundwork, more discussions, and so many more preparations. While the four of us, myself, Yusuf B, Yusuf F, and Sakina were making all the plans. We realized what we missed was a gifted technical mind to be our partner. Now the hunt for the right person began! But seems like lady luck was benevolent! 

Murtaza Yousuf who had assisted us in the SBT10 tournament happened to be looking for an opportunity to start something of his own. He soon approached Yousuf F. regarding the same. And that’s how we found our 5th partner!

From then on it was all about Media Mavericks. What we want to do, what is our vision, what we want to offer and what we are ready to sacrifice. With dreams in our eyes, we set about with the agenda to start our own company as soon as we could. Keeping other priorities aside and making this our sole agenda!

Today we stand proud to have started it successfully and to have bagged some amazing projects, to begin with. We all can only hope to succeed further.

‘A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains’

                                                     – Kevin Rose

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