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Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2020 Businesses Must Know About – Part 2

Top 10 Social Media Trends of 2020 Businesses Must Know About – Part 2

Continuing from the previous post, here’s us discussing the top 10 social media marketing trends of 2020 that are expected to be used by businesses and marketers to blow up their marketing efforts in the online universe.


Trend # 6: Creative Content is a Winner

Content is king, alright. But nobody wants to look at boring content. Social media marketing may widen your brand’s outreach; however, without exciting and engaging content, your social media marketing efforts are a no-show. If your company’s social media content is boring, people will pin #boring to your brand in no time. To avoid this predicament, your company’s social media strategy must be built on creative legs. For example, if your customers like to see visual content – short videos, GIFs, etc. – give them that. Realize that social media is a very transitional medium, and brands with more creative, interactive, and engaging content always win.


Trend # 7: Stories, Stories, Stories

According to the social media grapevine, Stories are going to have a significant impact on the way brands succeed or fail on social media. It is already a well-known fact that Stories are a prominent element in creating brand engagement on social media networks. This trend is going to grow more prominent in 2020. If you want your company to be seen, heard, and remembered by customers, you have to make sure that you are putting up interesting and relevant content in your Stories on social media. Stories are the new advertising hero. Considering the billions of users who are glued to checking Stories on social media, companies must take advantage, and upload original and creative content that hooks users’ attention for a few seconds, and prompts them to check out your social media pages to learn more about what you’re selling. In 2020, social media marketing is expected to be more abuzz in the Stories, and you don’t want your brand to be left out from telling its “stories.”


Trend # 8: Use Social Media for Brand Discovery

One of the top social media marketing trends this year will be the increased use of social media as a search engine for brands. Of course, paid advertising on social media will continue to be a thing. However, because of the increased emphasis on creativity, social media experts believe that social media has the potential to work as a search engine to drive branded searches on different social media networks. Also, when it comes to being creative, experts explain that it is high time that companies started to use the in-built private text messaging feature to establish direct relationships with customers. Who wouldn’t like to receive a welcome/introductory message from their favorite brand in the DMs, right? Doing so is a mix of automation, personalization, and branding. In social media marketing, brands have to make the first move – regularly and always.


Trend # 9: The Power of Video and YouTube

Video content may have been around for many, many years. But with the advances that are taking place in social media, video content has experienced sort of a renaissance and is one of the most powerful tools. Industry insiders state that video content is one of the main drivers of brand engagement and outreach. In 2020, the famous prediction is that brands that have a solid video content strategy as part of their social media marketing game-plan are likely to generate a stronger pull among customers. YouTube is expected to be the top pick when it comes to video advertising platforms online. YouTube ranks second in the list of most-accessed websites on the Web – Google is #1, and Facebook is #4. If your business doesn’t use video content to attract customers, it is a huge missed opportunity that you must grab at the earliest and use it to the full in 2020.


Trend # 10: Reap Benefits of User-Generated Content (UGC)

When users talk well about a brand on their social media handles, nothing beats that kind of content. By having your target customers vouch for your brand on social media, it inherently creates more influence and outreach. Not to mention, UGC is powerful mostly because it helps provide positive brand representation that invariably contributes to trust-building in customers – new and existing. Taking a leaf from this trend, companies should strive to encourage customers to tag their brands in their social media posts. In response, the brands should regularly reciprocate to enhance brand-customer connections.


Social media marketing is an ongoing endeavor that is heeled on creative thinking and innovative advertising. Thinking outside of the box is required, but it’s not enough. Execution matters, and makes all the difference. In 2020, take measured steps and make your business and brand make the right noise on social media.


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