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United Arab Emirates (UAE): Making Dreams Come True Since 1971

United Arab Emirates (UAE): Making Dreams Come True Since 1971

Today, the United Arab Emirates continues to be home to dreamers and their dreams. Every year, millions of visitors and new settlers set foot on the UAE soil to experience the unique idea that UAE has become; and become part of it even. As a result, there is no dearth of inspiring stories here. Regardless of the color of your collar – the UAE is a visionary within which different kinds of dreamers with their distinctive visions are welcome to join the parade of hopes and opportunities.


people of different nationalityAs the UAE gears up for the 48th National Day celebrations on December 2, the countrymen subconsciously go into moods of gratitude and reflection. There is no denying that the sands of the UAE desert are magically endowed; from being a country that lived off the fish and pearl trade to becoming a world-class business and tourism hub of the world, it is no mean feat. The UAE is a success story that continues to set new benchmarks for other developing countries in the region and around the world. The UAE’s firm standing as a modernized nation is a byproduct of persistent excellence in three attributes: entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.


As one of the most expat-friendly and business-friendly venues in the world today, the UAE has decisively dreamt bigger each time and fulfilled each of its ambitions whilst outdoing itself every time. This is no mean feat, and the UAE has utilized its small geography and converted its location into a strategic advantage and rewritten the status quo of the Arab influence on the world stage.


Speaking of, the UAE’s transformation is the outcome of the evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem which promotes UAE’s citizens to be innovative and the leaders of their destiny. In other words, there is no organizational vision or size that the UAE cannot accommodate. The country’s businesses and workforce are exuberant and optimistic about what the future holds. On its part, the country’s leadership has been making heavy investments across the sectors – mainly education, technology, and tourism – to accelerate long term and sustainable growth.



It is both interesting and impressive that UAE has succeeded in adjusting its policies in such a way that its fabric of progress has remained intact, no matter what. In spite of the world’s economic slowness, UAE stands tall because it has strived to create its formula and resources using robust options to overcome adversities and continue to build the quality and quantity of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership.


young boy holding uae flag in the desertThe foundation of a country’s welfare is reflected in the well-being of the people who inhabit it. And United Arab Emirates’ reputation is quite strong in this context considering the harmony with which the Emiratis and expats co-exist. As a result, UAE ranks 11th on the World Happiness Index 2018. What’s more, the UAE’s government has been proactively engaging in creating innovative strategies that promote the country’s residents to dream big, invest in them, make them happen, and become successful. In other words, the UAE aims to continue projecting itself as ‘The Land Where Dreams Come True and Opportunities Grow!’