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Companies around the world are quickly utilizing this particular aspect of Webinar services to reach out to a new audience and get people interested in their products and ideas.

Multi-channel Streaming

Stream live on multiple platforms: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other RTMP source

Audience Engaged

Presentations, Polls, Surveys and Live Q&A’s will keep your audience engaged

Accessible on every device

Our platform is user friendly, and viewers can access from any device.


Extremely cost effective

Mira Takrouri Tamimi

Marketing Manager, Bespin Global MEA

Their ability to navigate through our requests and accommodate according to our available budget. Not materialistic and they care so much about both ends being effective and successful. The team is very responsive and we love that in a fast pace industry that we are in.

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What Special Do We Offer?

There are many webinar software’s and tool available online, some are even free. Then why choose us? Below are a few of the services we offer that makes hosting webinars with us better than the rest.

Branded landing pages to host your event content and capture leads.

Customize, and send email campaigns, and configure the automated emails your audience receives

Webinars look and sound great on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android

Webinar Landing Pages

Branded landing pages to host your event content and capture leads.

Email Invites & Reminders

Customize, and send email campaigns, and configure the automated emails your audience receives

Reliable on All Devices

Webinars look and sound great on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android


Powerful engagement tools to captivate your audience

While other webinar software limits the number of people and ways they can participate, we dont. Host a vibrant Chat or Q&A, gather data with Polls, push people to the next step with Offers, and even invite people on-screen to engage with presenters face-to-face.

Live Webinar Features

Webinar and video marketing features help you from the top to the bottom of the funnel, from generating and nurturing leads, to driving action, and onboarding happy customers.

HD Live Audio & Video

HD audio & video streaming, with up to 6 presenters at a time

HD Screen Sharing

Present your entire desktop or a single application in HD

Up to 5,000 Attendees

Plans available to host webinars with audiences of any size

No Downloads

Browser-based: Stop wasting 10 minutes downloading software

Customize Your Webinar

Your logo and theme color to create a branded experience.

Public & Private Chat

Get immediate feedback from attendees. Message with other presenters.

Play Videos

Play YouTube/MP4 videos in webinars. Play and pause them for all viewers.

Call to Action Popups

Trigger pop-ups to sell products or push attendees to take the next step

Q&A with Audience

Interact with audience. As the audience asks you the question, the best best one can be pushed on screen

No Presenter Limit

Add any number of presenters before your event, or promote attendees into presenters from within the webinar

Embed into your Website

Embed registration forms, live webinars, and on-demand videos into your website

Bring Anyone On-Screen

More than a one-way stream, your webinars are interactive: anyone can share and participate

Go Live on any Social Media

Stream your webinar to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Periscope to reach your audience where they are

Budget Friendly

We have different packages for different requirements. Get in touch with our project reps and they will get you started.


Choose the best time to share handouts with your audience, adding value through content and giveaways

Audience Engaged

We help you keep your audiences hooked by creating different style of content and making your webinar more engaging


Record your webinars and make them available on-demand

Present Files

Customize Presentations and share them with your viewers.

Polls & Quizzes

Capture feedback and data.


Multi Channel Streaming

Stream to multiple platforms, and custom rtmp servers.