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Webinars: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool That Every Business Must Use in 2020

Webinars: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool That Every Business Must Use in 2020

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Webinar Marketing Strategy

Fun fact: more than 70 percent of B2C businesses concur that webinar is the best medium to generate branding, lead conversion, and create more business opportunities. Because of this upside, more than 55 percent of marketers have said that they will invest more time in creating webinar-centric marketing engagement. Rules and tools of digital marketing are undergoing a vast change. As the new world order continues to evolve, it has made the webspace more useful and versatile than ever before. Webinar marketing strategy drives marketing efforts across industries. Webinar marketing experiences are in top demand today.  Companies around the world are waking up to the (thus far) untapped potential webinar marketing strategy. With this blog-post, the intention is to underline the reasons why webinars should be your top tool to maximize your marketing efforts.

Cost-Effective and Long-Term Effectiveness 

The biggest USP of webinar marketing strategy is that it lets companies move away from the clutter costs. It simply means that your organization doesn’t have to put up with the rental expenses that come attached to hiring physical setups, video/audio equipment, audience guesstimates, logistics, etc. Webinars offer increased organization in every aspect. Hosting a webinar lets your company on the promotional and creative aspects. What’s more, there is very little room for panic or stress to happen for all the technical aspects are readily supervised. While live webinars are a trending force, it is also true that companies prefer to pre-record webinars, and air that content on different digital platforms. The important benefit is that pre-recorded webinars never get “old” and can be used to cater to different target audiences at different times. In other words, webinar marketing strategy provides companies the ability to exercise maximum discretion.

Solid and Engaging Impressions on Target Audiences

Today’s buyers are the biggest consumers of online content. That’s why they are not particularly responsive to hard-copy marketing materials. Companies should understand that customers make their purchase decisions based on what (or who) they watch or see on their screens. Because the window of opportunity has gotten downsized, marketers need to build content that makes quick impressions and captures customers instantaneously. Webinars yield those outcomes very effectively. Webinar marketing strategy is a win-win for parties on both sides. Businesses can interact with target audiences in a more personal capacity that invariably causes increased levels of audience engagement and entertainment. For the audiences, webinars serve as a platform to experience one-on-one with brands. The attention that audiences receive through webinars makes them feel special and enables the brand to establish itself as a customer-centric business.

Faster and Useful Lead Generation

A good chunk of companies’ marketing budget focuses on investing in mediums that guarantee high-quality leads. What if we told you that opting for webinars will help you achieve that very goal at a reduced cost? Yes! Webinars are a precious marketing resource because they gel with marketing budgets of all sizes. The biggest plus of webinars is they are flexible. You can organize a webinar marketing strategy to cater to a small or large audience. What’s more, because there is a registration process involved, only interested prospects will register, provide their information, and log in to attend the webinar.  With webinar marketing experiences, rest-assured your company will be able to obtain a tall list of leads that will – most likely – convert into actual customers.

Broader Audience Outreach

Let’s be honest. Nowadays, because of different constraints, many prospective buyers cannot attend physical marketing events. As a result, companies tend to lose out on “convertible leads.” Such failures often cause event hosts and participants to suffer from low event and marketing ROI. To spare your business and brand from encountering such bad luck, webinars are the perfect antidote. Recent marketing studies and surveys have indicated that more than 70 percent of customers are more likely to respond to video-based marketing content. There is also a unanimous agreement that video content stimulates a far better understanding of products and services and customers. Not to mention, the greatest selling point of webinar marketing strategy is facilitate direct two-way communication between brands and customers.

It is clear that webinars are a game-changer in the digital marketing landscape. Now, it is up to businesses and brands to exploit this medium and make the most of it to achieve their marketing objectives to the fullest. If you are planning to host a webinar for your target audience, contact Media Mavericks, and let us help you organize webinar(s) that help you succeed in realizing your marketing goals.