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Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Company?

Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Company?

Well, it’s not too difficult to see why videos are so common these days for one reason; it’s an easy-to-digest format that provides our eyes a rest from the abundance of online textual data. That’s why the world reportedly watches one billion hours of videos from various social platforms every day. So the question is, “Why video marketing is important for your company?”


why video marketing is important

Why Video Marketing?

Videos are a flexible and engaging content format that not only provides us with a real-life image of what is happening; it is also simple to communicate across various platforms. Consumers enjoy videos because it’s simple to digest, entertain, and engage, and marketers find it more accessible because it can increase the ROI through several channels.

Videos are also very accessible to both viewers and creators. While there is a tendency towards professional-level higher-quality video, anyone can hop on their laptop and produce their video in less than an hour.

Now is the moment to incorporate videos as the content driver, and here are a few Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Company :


Get on The Second Largest Search Engine on the Web.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with over a billion subscribers watching over 250 million hours of video every day. It’s where you’re looking for your prospective customers, so you’d better be there. Make the most of the platform by recognizing how content from YouTube fits into the path of consumers.


why video content is importantRank Higher in Search

While the second largest search engine is YouTube, the first is Google. You can considerably improve your search ratings on Google (and others such as Bing and Yahoo) by adding videos to your website.

The fact is, adding a video to your website will increase your ranking opportunities by 50x on Google’s first-page performance. That makes an effort worth it— especially when 75 percent of individuals never go past that first page.




Show Up More in Social Feeds

Social feeds (specifically Facebook and Instagram) do an outstanding job of displaying what users want to see. Algorithms depending on the prior behavior of users make it difficult for new audiences to discover companies (Especially SMEs).

At the same time, video posts rise to the top of newsfeeds. People are more prone to stop mid-scrolling to view eye-catching videos, and those interactions will always assist you to increase your reach.


why video is important for marketingReach Every Target Demographic

You have to adjust your approach when it comes to most online marketing techniques depending on the demographic group you’re attempting to reach.

With video marketing, that’s not the situation.

Everyone loves videos –from the youngest to the oldest users of the Internet. With this strategy, your business, whatever its demographics are, can reach its audience.




Educating the Audience About Your Product

Products can be elaborate. Therefore, the consumer must know the product thoroughly before making a purchase. Luckily, after viewing a consumer video, website visitors are 64 to 85 percent more inclined to buy.

An explainer video provides you the opportunity to show and not just tell potential clients what you are offering.


Build Stronger Brand Relationships

Videos provide both audio and visual stimulation. The mere activation of these two brain fields implies that the audience is more involved and thus obviously acquires a more significant association and stake in the content they consume.

This is essential for businesses that strive for brand recognition and rely on faithful clients who keep returning for more.


Videos give you an inside look at your audience

Videos adequately measured can serve as windows allowing you to see who your target audience is. If you merge the information you receive from videos with the information you collect from social networks, your website, email advertising, and the other platforms you use, you will get a complete image of who you are speaking to.

There are the most fundamental things (such as age and gender) but there are also great factors like how individuals responded to your videos, where they went after viewing, how many of your videos they watched, and more.


importance of video marketingVideo Shows Great ROI

83 percent of businesses say that videos provide a good return on investment. Even though video production is not the easiest nor cheapest task, it pays off big time.

Besides, online video editing tools are constantly improving and becoming more affordable. And even your smartphone can make pretty decent videos already. Your videos don’t have to be perfect either. It’s the content that matters!




Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Mobile and video go hand in hand. Ninety percent of customers watch videos on their devices. Mobile video views have risen by over 233 percent since 2013. YouTube reports a 100 percent annual increase in mobile video consumption. As people like watching videos on the go and the number of smartphone users is increasing, your video audience continues to grow.

Mobile video development implies brands need to be susceptible to their audience’s personal experience with mobile videos.


Create Something That People Will Remember

80 percent of individuals remember the online video ads they see.

We are working in an online world that is very dense and noisy. It may seem like a daunting challenge to find ways to stand out and display your creativity. But statistics indicate that a way to create a difference is still here.

Get your message heard by investing in video marketing and offering something to your audience that could be etched in their memories for a long time.


You can recycle content

Videos provide distinctive repurposing capabilities that are not accessible in other media formats. From an interview to an artistic display or a narrative, everything begins with the source video— whatever it is, it has to be done well.

After that, the opportunities for repurposing are infinite. You can use single images for promotional purposes. Behind the scenes, footage can be circulated to further engage the crowd as bonus material. Smartly combining creative flexibility with marketing force can make endless offshoots of one strong piece of content.



importance of video contentA Few Things to Keep in Mind

Now that you know why you should be incorporating video marketing in your

strategy:- how do you make an intriguing and optimized video?

Firstly, figure out what the ideal video length is for your platform:

Facebook:- 1 minute

Instagram:- 30 – 45 seconds

Twitter:- 45 seconds

YouTube:- 2+ minutes

Other things you want to guarantee is the highest engagement and accessibility level and working towards increasing your SEO ranks. You’ll also want to keep your video mobile-friendly.

Practice excellent SEO norms and always review your metrics to know how your videos are performing. You can create and organize a standard library of different videos on YouTube and then integrate them into different content types such as blogs and emails.


To conclude, videos are one of the world’s most popular types of content, and the reality is that it is unlikely to go anywhere soon. And it makes sense: we crave connection and personality in a detached digital world. In a real-life situation, we want to see and hear people.

Not only are videos fun, it’s one of the best ways to get near to your community and offer them a true glimpse of what you and your company are doing. The more they are familiar with your positive methods, the more likely they will stick around.

Now you know Why Video Marketing is Important for Your Company? Get your corporate video made with Media Mavericks.

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